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Stevens and Brand

Practice Areas & Expertise

Administrative Law

Administrative law is the body of law created by the agencies and departments of the government, which carry out the laws passed by Congress or a state legislature. When Congress passes a law on a complicated issue, Congress often needs help determining all of the details of how the law will be enforced and implemented. Administrative agencies and government departments fill in those gaps for Congress and pass additional rules and regulations to achieve Congress's goals. Stevens & Brand can assist you when dealing with administrative agencies, such as applying for government benefits like social security and Medicaid.*

Administrative Attorneys


Adoption is the creation of a new parent-child relationship, and it is welcomed by the courts. It is both a legal and emotional process, and our lawyers can help you with the legal process as you focus on your new family.

Adoption Attorneys

Agricultural Law

Modernizing agriculture has led not only to larger operations, but has also led to a need for farm operations to become familiar with a wide variety of legal obligations from numerous governmental agencies. Often the failure to recognize those obligations (or their extent) can expose farm operations and their owners to substantial penalties and, in some cases, criminal prosecution. Our lawyers have the knowledge and expertise in the varied areas of the law that affect agricultural businesses today.

Agriculture Attorneys

Alternate Dispute Resolution

We all know that litigation is expensive, time consuming, and exhausting for the parties involved. For these reasons, techniques for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) have been gaining acceptance over the past decade. The attorneys at Stevens & Brand act as coordinators from the simplest to the most complex and contentious disputes. The Firm has acted for clients in the ADR processes including discovery referee and private judging, in addition to arbitration and mediation.

Alternate Dispute Resolution Attorneys

Auto Dealer Compliance Law

Whether you own an auto dealership or have had a negative experience with one, our firm is well-versed in auto dealer compliance laws.

Auto Dealer Compliance Attorneys


Stevens & Brand has extensive experience in representing banks and their trust departments in all areas of banking law, such as representative default assistance, foreclosures and bankruptcy, complex workouts, loan structuring and documentation, collateralization and securitization, sales of loan portfolios, and investment banking.


During times of economic uncertainty, our bankruptcy and creditors’ rights lawyers can be a valuable resource if your legal problems, including litigation, involve insolvency or bankruptcy. Our clients include retail and manufacturing firms across a variety of industries as well as small banks and other financial institutions.

When a financial crisis strikes and you find yourself unable to meet your financial obligations, the burden can be overwhelming. The attorneys at Stevens & Brand can advise you of your debt relief options and guide you through the complex bankruptcy process. Some of the benefits of bankruptcy include: elimination of debt, stop lawsuits and garnishments, prevent foreclosures and repossessions, stop harassing calls from creditors, and stop IRS actions.

Business Entity Formation

The attorneys at Stevens & Brand provide a wide array of services to business entities in all aspects of reorganization, including federal bankruptcy and various state insolvency law proceedings. We represent small businesses, lending institutions, debtors, landlords, purchasers and sellers of distressed assets, creditor's committees, and others in all aspects of the reorganization and/or liquidation process, whether in or out of court.

Business Law

Business law focuses on aspects of business including forming a company, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder rights, and property issues such as leasing office or warehouse space. Business law is regulated by both state and federal law, and the attorneys at Stevens & Brand have experience in both these fields.*

Business Planning & Organization

Business organization law refers to the numerous ways a business may be legally formed under state laws. In addition to incorporating as a corporation, businesses may also be formed as partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), S Corporations, and other business forms. Since each business organization brings with it a specific set of tax, management, and liability benefits and drawbacks, choosing the right type of organization for your business depends on many factors. With this in mind, our attorneys can provide expertise well before officially organizing a business in order to prepare for these and other legal issues that could arise. *

Business Reorganization

The attorneys at Stevens & Brand provide a wide array of services to business entities in all aspects of reorganization, including federal bankruptcy and various state insolvency law proceedings. We represent small businesses, lending institutions, debtors, landlords, purchasers and sellers of distressed assets, creditor's committees, and others in all aspects of the reorganization and/or liquidation process, whether in or out of court.

Business Reorganization Attorneys

Business Transactions

Stevens & Brand is committed to providing sound business advice based on experience and time-tested business practices. We provide business transaction services and legal advice for business sales and purchases, non-competition and confidentiality agreements, and proper maintenance of corporate entities.

Commercial Law

Commercial law focuses on the sale and distribution of goods, as well as financing of certain transactions. Commercial law is primarily regulated by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). All states have adopted some form of the UCC, though each state is free to make its own modifications to the laws as it sees fit. Because many states have modified at least some of the UCC provisions to fit their needs, it is important to hire a lawyer familiar with the UCC as it has been enacted in your state.*

Civil Litigation Trials and Appeals

Stevens & Brand also has a team of civil litigation attorneys that handle either plaintiffs’ or defendants’ cases in state or federal jurisdictions. Our attorneys are also well-versed in appellate work, should your case be appealed up to the appellate level. If you are being personally sued or want to initiate litigation against an individual, contact our firm.

Constitutional Rights

Stevens & Brand attorneys assist clients who believe that their constitutional rights have been violated. This includes the right to free speech, due process of the law, and equal protection under the law. We also represent several publications and advise them on First Amendment and Freedom of the Press issues.

Constitutional Rights Attorneys


Stevens & Brand's attorneys represent clients involved in commercial and residential construction including developers, builders, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, architects, and engineers. Our litigators are knowledgeable and experienced in litigating AIA and other construction contracts, as well as cases involving mold and environmental issues, liens, and component failure.

(Business Org. & Counsel)

Our Corporate practice attorneys are experienced in the formation and organization of corporations and other businesses, reorganizations and restructuring, private equity, mergers & acquisitions, investment funds, equity capital markets, venture capital and corporate real estate.

Criminal Litigation
Trials and Appeals

Our firm handles defense of all levels of criminal infractions from within municipal, state, or federal jurisdictions. Whether you need defense of a minor traffic violation, DUI, misdemeanor, or a felony, Stevens & Brand can handle any of your criminal defense needs.

Criminal Litigation Attorneys

Debtor and Creditor Rights

Matters involving creditor or debtor rights can be complex and involve commercial litigation at the trial and appellate levels before state and federal courts. Our goal is to realize the most beneficial results, including financial workouts and settlements, as cost-effectively as possible for our clients. To do this, we contribute a wealth of knowledge about finance law, business, real estate, taxes, estates, and many other subjects.

Discrimination and Civil Rights

If you have been subject to incidents of unequal or unfair treatment based on a your age, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, genetic makeup, and other personal characteristics, our attorneys can assist with your discrimination claim.
Also, if you have had discrimination or civil rights claims adversely filed against you, Stevens & Brand can provide support for defending against these claims. Our attorneys are well-versed in both federal and state anti-discrimination laws that govern which classes of individuals are protected and in what way.*

Discrimination and Civil Rights Attorneys

Elder Law

The attorneys at Stevens & Brand can help anyone concerned about a senior citizen in or near Eastern Kansas. We help with long-term care issues and legal planning involving Medicaid, nursing home and assisted living issues, incapacity planning, estate planning, elder abuse, special spousal annuity trusts, and much more.

Eminent Domain

The term “eminent domain” refers to the power of the government to take private land for public use. This power is limited by the Federal Constitution and State Constitutions. The government must fairly compensate the owner when it takes private property. Stevens & Brand can assist government entities in navigating the legal network of negotiating and obtaining fair property prices.*


The attorneys at Stevens & Brand have extensive experience helping hundreds of local, regional, and national employers of all sizes and across many industries with employment law issues. Whether drafting employee handbooks and policies, executive contracts of employment, or advising employers on issues such as termination, harassment, or wage and hour laws, our attorneys strive to understand our clients' businesses and interests so that they can achieve their business objectives.

Estate & Trust Administration

Our attorneys provide legal representation to Executors, Administrators, and Trustees regarding the proper discharge of their fiduciary responsibilities. We maintain timetables for proper estate and trust administration for timely settlements and tax compliance. We offer strategic advice in relation to potential claims by any adverse parties and defend against claims if they arise.

Estate Planning
(Wills & Trusts)

Our estate planning group is highly skilled with attorneys, accountants, and valuation experts to assist clients with all of their estate planning needs. We prepare wills, durable powers of attorney, and living wills; create and fund revocable and irrevocable trusts; prepare buy/sell agreements; and structure business entities so that transfer of control and wealth is accomplished smoothly and without undue tax liability.

Family Law
(Divorce/Child Custody & Support)

Family law encompasses a variety of legal issues and disputes that affect individuals. Divorce and conflicts with regard to children and property are areas in which the attorneys at Stevens & Brand can explain your rights under the law and help you make informed decisions to resolve disputed issues.

Fraternity Law

Stevens & Brand has attorneys dedicated to the issues impacting fraternities, sororities, student life organizations, and their related charitable foundations. Contact our firm today if you are involved in one of these organizations and need legal advice.

Fraternity Law Attorneys

Guardianship and Conservatorship

When a minor or an adult becomes incapacitated (or incompetent) due to an accident, disability, disease, or old age, it may be necessary to appoint a guardian or conservator to care for them. This enables someone to make important decisions for a minor or incapacitated person, including those involving property, finances, or child care. The attorneys at Stevens & Brand will guide you through the appointment process, the duties and obligations of a guardian or conservator, and the annual status hearing with the court.

Guardianship and Conservatorship Attorneys

Insurance Litigation

There are many types of insurance, and Stevens & Brand can provide relief when working with private insurance companies for health insurance, automobile liability insurance, homeowner's insurance, life insurance, title insurance, and malpractice insurance.*

Insurance Litigation Attorneys

Intellectual Property

The attorneys at Stevens & Brand provide a comprehensive and integrated array of legal services in the areas of intellectual property including copyright, trademark, trade secret, outsourcing, computer, technology, software, restrictive covenant, and franchise law.

Intellectual Property Attorneys

Litigation - Business & Commercial

Stevens & Brand’s litigation team can aid with any business litigation issues, either in state, federal, or appellate jurisdictions. Our attorneys have substantial experience in handling commercial transactions and complex commercial litigation including those related to the sale of products or services, negotiable instruments, secured transactions (personal property and real estate), debtor-creditor collection disputes, and judicial and non-judicial foreclosure actions. We can also attempt to resolve issues prior to initiating litigation via settlement negotiations, but are able to proceed with legal remedies in the court systems to obtain your desired outcome if settlement becomes unattainable.

Media Law

Stevens & Brand’s legal team has represented mews-media organizations in defending tort claims, seeking access to governmental records and proceedings, responding to subpoenas, and advising journalists regarding newsgathering activities. We are also able to provide a wide range of business-related legal services for all types of publishing entities including traditional news organizations, “hyper-local” news outlets, internet publications, and magazines.

Media Law Attorneys

Medicaid and Long-Term
Care Planning

Hiring an attorney can be vital when dealing with Medicaid, and to ensure you don’t miss out on any long-term planning opportunities. Stevens & Brand has several highly-acclaimed attorneys who specialize in this field.

Medicaid and Long-Term Care Planning Attorneys


Stevens & Brand represents several cities as general counsel. Its representation includes all areas of municipal government including: land use and development regulation, zoning, platting and subdivision control, eminent domain, employer - employee relations, taxation and tax incentives, impact fees, exactions, building regulation, annexation, police, fire, utilities, and related litigation.

Personal Injury

The attorneys at Stevens & Brand successfully represent individuals who have been injured in automobile accidents or injured as a result of defective or dangerous products or dangerous conditions of property. Clients may range from those who have suffered minor injuries, to people who have suffered catastrophic injuries or the loss of a loved one.
Please visit www.personalinjuryksmo.com for additional information regarding this practice area.
DISCLAIMER: The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation. Contacting us does not create an attorney-client relationship. Please do not send any confidential information to us until such time as an attorney-client relationship has been established. The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.

Personal Injury Attorneys

Probate & Trust Litigation

The probate process deals with a person’s estate after death. Each state has its own set of laws governing what to do with the estate and how to accommodate the deceased’s estate plan - or lack thereof. Our attorneys can assist you during this difficult time to put all a decedent’s affairs in order and give you peace of mind as to the legal issues surrounding these dealings.

Real Estate

The attorneys at Stevens & Brand can assist you in safeguarding your interests in residential and commercial property and investments throughout Kansas and Missouri. Our real estate lawyers represent property owners, buyers, commercial tenants, and other parties in a wide range of real estate-oriented litigation including construction litigation, purchase and sale disputes including disagreements regarding disclosures, real estate fraud, condition of the property and legal uses, quiet title actions, disputes related to easements and encumbrances, and protecting landowners' rights.

Real Estate Development

Real estate law governs who may own and use the land and any buildings on it. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in both residential and commercial real estate, as well as the state and local rules concerning the purposes for which land may be used.*

Remedies for Financial Exploitation of Impaired Adults

If your loved one is an impaired adult and is being financially exploited either by another family member or some sort of consumer fraud, contact our firm immediately to provide swift remedies and future financial security.

Remedies for Financial Exploitation of Impaired Adult Attorneys

School/Education Law

The attorneys at Stevens & Brand represent families and educators in numerous school and education matters that include student civil rights, student disciplinary matters, teacher & administrator disciplinary matters, harassment, discrimination, bullying, and Special Education matters.

School/Education Law Attorneys


Every transaction, from a simple sale to a complex corporate reorganization, calls for careful planning. Stevens & Brand tax attorneys provide advice and counsel to businesses and individuals on a broad spectrum of tax issues. We negotiate and structure transactions with a view to minimize tax liability. We have the knowledge and experience not only to identify the potential tax consequences of an action, but also to clearly and succinctly explain those consequences to our clients. Our tax attorneys bring years of experience working closely with each of the firm's practice groups, and are therefore uniquely qualified to provide a full range of tax advice.

VA Benefits Planning

Veterans or their surviving spouses can be entitled to monthly funds if they meet certain financial and medical criteria. Contact one of our skilled attorneys to see if you may be entitled to these or similar funds.

VA Benefits Planning Attorneys


Corporate workout refers to financial rescue of a firm that is outside formal bankruptcy and insolvency law. Also known as out-of court debt restructuring, corporate workout practices aim to remedy or avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy. The debtors and creditors, as well as the main shareholders and bondholders, voluntarily participate in the workouts in order to make rearrangements concerning financial investments and rescheduling and restructuring debt. **

Wrongful Death

If someone dies or is killed due to the negligence or misconduct of another, the survivors may sue for wrongful death. These types of lawsuits seek compensation for the survivors' loss, such as lost wages from the deceased, lost companionship, and funeral expenses. If your loved one has been killed due to another’s negligence, contact Stevens & Brand to recover benefits you may be entitled to.*

Wrongful Death Attorneys

Zoning and Land Use

The attorneys at Stevens & Brand assist clients in a wide range of matters including subdivision and land development approvals, zoning analysis, conditional use approvals, due diligence investigations, and variances and special exceptions. We also have expertise in obtaining permits and approvals from virtually every federal, state, and local regulatory agency in the region.

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DISCLAIMER: The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation. Contacting us does not create an attorney-client relationship. Please do not send any confidential information to us until such time as an attorney-client relationship has been established. The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.